Independence square Kiev Ukraine
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War in Ukraine

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Volodymyr Zelensky and President

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 - Ukraine Will Win This War

President Putin of Russia is a KGB dinosaur, a left-over relic from the Soviet era. Whilst most of the modern world has moved on and prospered, Putin has led Russia into stagnation and comparative decline compared to most western economies. 

Russia has immense natural resources and a possibility to be a real economic force. Unfortunately all the wealth is concentrated around 500 super rich Russians who control more wealth than the poorest 99.8% of Russians. 

Putin is a dictator propped up by a corrupt inner circle. A dictator who controls the media and who ruthlessly removes any dissenting opposition. The illegal invasion of Ukraine and the Russian annexation the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and the illegal invasion on the 24th February 2022 is an attempt to reassert Russia's influence in Europe and around the world, to restore the old Soviet bloc. Putin cares nothing for Russian people and has little regard for human life.  Putin is a corrupt dictator and a threat to world peace.

Kyiv (Kiev) City Covid Restrictions Febuary 2022


We Are Raising Money To Support Ukraine

We have been raising money to support Ukraine. So far we have raised over £9,000's. We are supporting a number of projects such as, a Ukrainian women's and children's refugee centre in Poland, a hospital in Lviv and various volunteer support groups in Kyiv Ukraine. We have created a local Facebook Page where we are sharing details.


There is a war in Ukraine. When the Russian invaders have been driven from Ukraine it will be safe to travel again. 

Ukraine can be described as having a continental influenced climate. Kyiv has four distinct seasons: a cold winter, warm hot summer and a cool autumn and spring. High humidity during summer days can often make it feel hot and sticky so get a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Internet access on mobile phones in Kyiv and Ukraine is very cheap and reliable. Ukraine ranks 4th in the world for the cheapest mobile internet and data usage. In Kyiv you won't have any problems finding free WiFi networks to connect to in bars and restaurants.

The national currency of the Ukraine is Hryvnia (UAH). US dollars and Euros are the most accepted currency to exchange in Ukraine. British sterling can also be exchanged at a more limited number of sites. Cloning credit cards is a common problem so extra care should be taken when using ATM's.




Why Kyiv is a Must-See Destination

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and Kiev (Kyiv) the capital city of Ukraine is considered the best post-Soviet tourist destination in Eastern Europe. It is a city steeped in history, bursting with museums, art and culture. A city that is also modern, dynamic and that can boast some of the best restaurants, bars and nightlife in Europe.
Kiev (Kyiv) offers some big advantages over other European cities. Ukraine is not part of the EU and is a seriously affordable short break destination. 
Come visit Kyiv before everyone else discovers Eastern Europe's best kept secret.

Independence Square Ukraine
Bar in Kiev


Best Bars in Kyiv

Sightseeing and What To See & Do in Kyiv

Are you working on an itinerary for your trip to Ukraine? If you are, you’re in the right place! We’ve got the info that will help you plan the perfect trip and get the best out of your visit to Kiev (Kyiv). Kyiv is a wonderful place to explore as there are so many amazing attractions in such achievable distances from each other. Go to the Sightseeing Page .for all the best sightseeing places in Kiev.

Girl from Nightclub


Best Nightclubs in Kyiv

Border Control Covid-19 Rules for Entering Ukraine 

All foreign citizens regardless of the country of arrival who enter Ukraine must have an insurance policy (certificate) issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, which covers the costs related to the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine. 

To enter Ukraine as a foreigner you must have the following:

  • a document confirming receipt of one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine endorsed by WHO in the list of approved for use in emergency situations; or

  • foreign COVID certificate confirming vaccination against COVID-19 with vaccines that are included in the WHO list of approved for emergency use.

Citizens of Ukraine and all foreign tourists over 18 years old who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus who enter Ukraine must install the Vdoma mobile app, which monitors self-isolation, regardless of the length of stay in Ukraine.

Unvaccinated citizens arriving from Russia or India (including in transit) must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Cool Ukraine girl
Kiev GIF image

Visiting Kyiv Ukraine as a tourist can be difficult if you are not prepared for the unexpected. Look out for " Hot Tips" across the site advising invaluable key help and information. 

Is it Kiev or Kyiv

Kiev Monument

Most visitors are more likely to be familiar with Kiev as the preferred spelling. The correct spelling is actually Kyiv. The name Kyiv originates from a fifth century medieval legend. It is said that the city was named after three brothers, Kie, Shceck and Horiv, and their sister Lybid. Ukrainians speak Ukrainian and Russian and most people in Kyiv under the age of 30 have at least a basic understanding of English. You will also find most menus and information signs in Kyiv have English translations.

Khutorets Restaurant Kiev


Best Restaurants in Kyiv


Independence Square Kiev Ukraine


Pechersk Lavra Kiev Ukraine


Motherland monument Kiev Ukraine


Ukrainian Borscht


Girl dancing in nightclub Kiev Ukraine


Київ Україна - Топ-5 підказок

1) При зміні валюти в Києві (Києві) використовуйте лише немарковані чисті чіткі ноти.
2) Візьміть запасний телефон і придбайте SIM-карту, вони дуже дешеві.
3) У Києві багато пагорбів, візьміть зручну пару пішохідного взуття.
4) Подбайте про вживання алкоголю в Києві (Київ), вміст алкоголю сильніший, ніж вдома.
5) Пийте бутильовану воду в Києві, Україна. Вода з крана не вб'є вас, але може порушити ваш шлунок.