Cafe's & Coffee in Kiev (Kyiv)2021

Cafe's & Coffee in Kyiv

Ukrainian's embrace café culture & appreciate great tasting coffee & herbal tea.

Ukrainian's love the café culture and there are many excellent cafe's in Kyiv.​Good quality coffee, freshly made herbal tea and healthy food is important to Ukrainian's. Expect exceptional beverages, delicious soups, mouth-watering salads and tasty cakes all for incredible value.

Most Cafe's bars and restaurants in Kiev offer free WiFi. If you have WiFi enabled devices just ask your waiter or waitress for the access code. If you want to leave a "tip" it is generally acceptable to leave approximately 10%. Check your bill carefully, some premises now include service charges.

Cafe and Coffee in Kyiv 2021 

Due to the current pandemic many Cafe's and coffee shops are temporarily or permanently closed.

This page will be updated when life gets back to normal