Great Value Food In Kiev (Kyiv) 2021

Cheap eats in Kyiv

Incredible food, amazing value for money.

Kiev (Kyiv) is a budget travellers best friend. Not only is it possible to eat fantastically fresh organic food, but it is also possible to eat incredibly cheaply. The secret is to stay away from the most touristy restaurants and seek out places where the locals eat. To get you on your way here is a selection of the best and cheapest cafe's and restaurants to eat in Kiev.

Want to eat well, quickly and for a ridiculously cheap price? Easy - just find a restaurant advertising "business lunch". The lunch usually includes soup, main course, salad and a drink. Business lunches are available Monday to Friday, discount cards not applicable.

Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers

Address: Khreschatyk St, 7/11, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
+380 95 273 2180

You are completely spoilt by the choice and quality of food in Kyiv (Kiev). Mix in the incredible value, cleanliness and fresh organic produce and you can't go wrong. If you are looking for authentic tasting American style Hotdogs & Burgers then Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers should be high on your list. They are based in 3 locations but the most central are in the main street Khreschatyk and another on historic Podil.

Now lets get to it! This is a cool place with a cosy atmosphere. They offer an extensive menu of predominantly hotdogs and burgers created with imagination and skill. Also offered are salads, soups, desserts and snacks, and if you are up early enough they even do breakfast. The prices are extremely reasonable. A hotdog will cost you around 2 euros and a hamburger will cost you about 3 euros. But pay attention, you get a lot of burger or hotdog for your money, and the equivalent would cost you about three times as much in the rest of western Europe.

Great place to chill out, grab a beer and feed your face.

Puzata Hata

Address: Chain of restaurants, Khreschatyk, Podil and so on
Khreschatyk & Multiple locations
Multiple locations

This is a great chain of restaurants if you want to snatch a very cheap tasty meal during the daytime. This is the Ukrainian equivalent to mcdonalds, except Puzata Hata is ten times better and much healthier. Food is served to you by staff behind a counter or from tables and fridges placed along the route to the dining area. It's a bit like an up-market version of school dinners but much more fun. Popular with students and your average local Ukrainian so a sure sign of price and quality. If you are on a budget then Puzata Hata is a must. Standards are always good, hot food and salads are fresh, desserts delicious and they also sell alcohol. You will not find much English spoken but pointing, smiling and terrible attempts at speaking Ukrainian/Russian are perfectly acceptable.

Located in multiple places, most central are the ones on Khreschatyk and historic Podil.

Bilyy Nalyv

Address: Khreschatyk St, 23А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

+380 98 885 8744
Bilyy Nalyv restaurant in Kiev

If I told you that you could eat and drink hotdogs, oysters and cider for less than 1 euro you would probably

not believe me. If I then told you that it is some of the best food you will ever taste you would think I am mad. Well it is true! Just 5 minutes from Khreshatyk metro on Khreschatyk street is an absolute gem of a place. Bilyy Nalyv translates to "white apple", and is part of Dima Borisova's gastro family chain. Their is nothing downmarket about this place, bartenders pour cider from barrels hanging from the wall. Apparently the cider becomes saturated with oxygen and enriches its flavour. For colder seasons, Bilyy Nalyv serves warming homemade-style apple liqueur and hot apple punch with cinnamon and anise. Apart from the regular and vegan hotdogs and fresh oysters, they also serve apple pies and chicken pastries. At lunch time it gets extraordinarily busy with long queues, but if you are prepared to wait a bit then you will absolutely not be disappointed.


Address: Khreschatyk St, 27, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
+380 67 474 7557

Newly opened in October 2018, Rozkovbas is one of the latest 1-euro food bars opened in Kyiv and situated on Khreshchatyk Street. Has a mostly younger cool local Ukrainian clientele so certainly not touristy.

Almost all the dishes cost about 1-euro except for one insane alcoholic "crazy cocktail party mix" which is about 2-euro's. There is a choice of regular or vegan hotdogs, pizza slices and shrimp. There are sides such as fries and rye rusks ( lovely with beer), and dessert such as cheesecake and a good selection of Belgium beers. The bar restaurant seats about 30 people and there are a few tables for standing.

The food is not brilliant but at these prices you can eat and drink well without busting your budget. A non-pretentious down-to-earth no frills bar which sometimes hosts party's and D.J's.