Ukraine Has Temporarily Re-opened it's Borders

Entry ban for foreigners has temporarily expired, The Ukrainian government has not scheduled a meeting to determine next steps. The ban for foreigners entering Ukraine during the COVID-19 pandemic has expired, according to the State Border Guard Service. As of Sept. 28, foreign citizens are allowed to cross the country’s borders, even though the Ukrainian government hasn’t officially made this announcement. Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases it is highly likely for the entry ban to be re-introduced. The government has released a list of exempt categories (in Ukrainian) that includes first-degree relatives of Ukrainian citizens, people transiting within 48 hours, permanent and temporary residents, people with permits to work in Ukraine, technical specialists invited by Ukrainian enterprises, students, lorry and coach drivers and train and air crew, people visiting on official government invitation, sportspeople taking part in officially sanctioned competitions, diplomats, and some others. However, you should note that the formal regulations have yet to be published. The British Embassy will publish an update once there is official confirmation. You should take these likely measures into account in your planning.

Upon arrival, all foreign nationals will be required to provide proof of health insurance that covers COVID-19 observation and treatment for the duration of their stay. Insurance must be purchased from a company registered in Ukraine or a foreign company that has a representative office or an insurance partner in Ukraine.

Visitors from green-zone countries must have an insurance policy and will be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine without self-isolation and testing

Internal Restrictions by Zone

Ukraine Covid-19 zones

Zones Updated Every Friday - Click on Graphic for Latest Info

To manage Covid-19 and reduce the spread of the virus, districts in Ukraine has been split into colour zones.

The criteria for dividing Ukraine into colour zones are depending on the number and growth rate of new COVID-19 cases, hospital capacity and testing rates. The four epidemiological zones (green, yellow, orange, and red) are dependent on the COVID-19 situation in each region. The Ministry of Health will assign each zone a colour based on four COVID-19-related criteria.  Each zone triggers a distinct set of quarantine restrictions.  Please check with local authorities regarding local quarantine guidelines. 

The 'green' zone does not mean the complete lifting of lockdown.

 In “green zones” social distancing and mask-wearing regulations is compulsory, and mass events are limited. In red zones, public transport is suspended, as is the work of most non-essential facilities. This Government Map (only in Ukrainian) sets out the current status of each different region of Ukraine. The zones are updated on a daily basis – the government and local authorities have indicated that they may enact local lock-downs at short notice – and enforcement or relaxation of new rules might not happen immediately. It is important you check the status of regions regularly.

Ukraine Covid-19 Advice For Moving Around the City

Avoid crowds.
Always keep your identity documents with you

Use disposable

Wear a Face Mask in all Public Places

Keep a minimum of 1.5 m apart

Clean hands regularly & use anti-bacterial gel

Use contactless payment where possible

Covid-19 Advice for Staying in Accommodation

Rules For Entering Hotels
  • You must wear a Face mask

  • You will have your temperature checked

  • Use anti - bacterial gel

Guidelines for Staying in Hotels
  • Book on-line where possible to avoid queues at hotel

  • In the Lobby no more than 1 person per 10 sq metres

  • Hotel guests must stay at least 1.5 m apart

  • A face mask must be worn at all times outside of your room

  • Hotel restaurant food will only be available if tables are a minimum of 1.5 m apart including adjacent seating.

  • Meals in hotels are provided through meals delivery service to rooms upon prior order

  • Not more than 4 guests are allowed to stay at the table (excluding children under 14 years old), unless the tables are separated by partition

  • Self - service is prohibited

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