Souvenirs & Shopping in Kiev Ukraine

Shopping in Kiev

From souvenirs to everyday items, Kiev has it all

Modern fashion-conscious Kiev (Kyiv) offers tourists a unique shopping experience. You will find excellent new shopping centres, bright modern department stores and traditional markets selling anything you can imagine. The shopping landscape in Kiev has changed beyond all recognition since the late 1990’s. Queuing for scarce basic products in old soviet stores has been replaced with the desire to own the latest designer labels and luxury brands. Kiev has shaken off its Soviet past and embraced the capitalist shopping lust to buy goods you cannot afford and shop for things you probably never needed.

What to Buy in Kiev

Handmade linen, arts and crafts, jewellery and ceramic items are all good value and are excellent gifts for the memory of your trip to Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine.
​Handmade and embroidered goods are exceptional value for money. You could try shopping in the markets for a wider selection, but be prepared to haggle as a foreign voice mysteriously seems to increase the price.


Ukrainian folk girls

Traditional Ukrainian Folk Costume (Vyshyvanka) has become fashionable. Many fashion houses have developed ranges of clothing that incorporate Ukrainian design. You can buy some fantastic clothing from Ukrainian designers in Kiev. There is plenty of choice but shop around for the best deals.

Shopping Centres in Kiev

Ocean Plaza 

Address: Antonovycha St, 176, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150