Medical & Emergency in Kiev Ukraine

Medical and emergency advice for visitors in Kiev

UK citizens - If you’re in Ukraine and you need urgent help (for example, you’ve been attacked, arrested or someone has died), call +380 44 490 3660. American citizens call 24 hour Emergency Number: +38 (044) 521-5000. For all other nationalities please contact your embassy in Ukraine as appropriate

If you are unfortunate enough to require medical or emergency assistance there are a few things you should know. First and foremost the emergency numbers - Fire 101, Police 102 and Ambulance 103.

State medical facilities in Ukraine do not meet Western standards and not all call centre staff speak English. There are some extremely good Private Clinics but they are expensive. For this reason it is imperative to purchase the correct medical insurance before you travel. Public medical ambulances are free of charge but you will probably be required to pay for medicine and treatment. In most circumstances it would be better for you to go private clinic for minor emergencies and routine care

Private Clinics in Kiev

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