Independence Square

Monuments in Kiev

Independence Square

Monuments & Attractions in Kiev Ukraine

One of the great things about visiting Kiev (Kyiv) is that Central Kiev is very easy to navigate and most tourist attractions are within easy walking distance or short transport journeys.


Ukraine is known for it's stunning architecture and historic monuments and Kiev is home to some of the most stunning and interesting monuments in the world.

It is easy to find where you want to go as there are plenty of Tourist information signs in English to guide you towards the monuments you are looking for.

Just keep in mind that Kiev is a city built on hills and there are many uneven surfaces, so make sure you wear a good pair of flat walking shoes.

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10 Best Monuments In Kiev

Friendship of Nations Arch
Friendship of Nations Arch
Rodina Mat Kyiv
Motherland Monument in Kiev Ukraine
Golden Gate
Prince Yaroslav the Wise Statue at Golden Gate Kiev Ukraine
Kiev Founders Monument
Monument to the Founders of Kiev
Prince Volodomyr
Monument of Prince Volodomyr in Kiev Ukraine
Holodomor Monument
Holodomor Monument Kiev Ukraine
Independence Square
Maidan Nezalezhnosti Kiev Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko monument
Taras Shevchenko monument Kiev Ukraine
Bohdan Khmelnitsky monument
HetmanBhodan Khmelnitsky Monument Kiev Ukraine
Luigi Peduto, and Mokryna Yurzuk Statue
Luigi Peduto, and Mokryna Yurzuk Statue in Kiev Ukraine
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And The Best Of The Rest 

Hedgehog monument in Kiev Ukraine
Hedgehog Monument Kiev Ukraine
Leonid Bykov
Leonid Bykov Monument in Kiev Ukraine
Monument To Bulgakov
Mikhail Bulgakov monument Kiev Ukraine
Babi Yar Memorial
Babi Yar Memorial Kiev Ukraine
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