Monuments in Kiev (Kyiv)

Motherland Statue

Monuments in Kyiv(Kiev)

History in architecture and stunning monuments.

There are many monuments in Kiev (Kyiv) and most of them can be found by following Tourist information signs.Ukraine is known for it's stunning architecture and historic monuments. Kyiv is home to some of the most stunning and interesting monuments in the world.

Central Kiev is very easy to navigate and most tourist attractions are within easy walking distance or short transport journeys. 

 It is highly recommended you wear a good pair of flat walking shoes as many of the pathways and pavements have uneven surfaces

10 Best Monuments In Kiev (Kyiv)

Rodina Mat Motherland Monument

Monument of Taras Shevchenko

Prince Yaroslav the Wise Monument

Independence Square Monument

HetmanBhodan Khmelnitsky Monument

Holodomor Monument

Monument of Prince Volodomyr

Hedgehog Monument

Monument to the Founders of Kiev (Kyiv)

People's Friendship Arch

And The Best Of The Rest 

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