Saxon Club Kiev

Due to the current Pandemic many Nightclubs  in Kiev are temporarily closed.

Best  Nightclubs in Kiev Ukraine 

The Nightclubs in Kyiv are legendary

Here you will find the best nightclubs in Kiev. Kiev (Kyiv) is an awesome party destination and the nightclubs are diverse and exciting. Face control is common in upmarket nightclubs so dress accordingly.

If you are in a group it would be wise to call ahead and book a table. You will have to pay up-front but it will guarantee you entry, providing you are dressed accordingly and not drunk - usual rules.

In all but the very exclusive clubs, drinks are comparatively much cheaper. But be careful, measures are usually larger and alcohol content stronger than back home.

It is worth knowing that nightclubs in Kyiv fall into 2 distinct categories. Clubs that attract tourists and nightclubs that are more for locals. Upmarket clubs tend to attract some of Kyiv's lazy girls (prostitutes) and women looking for free drinks.

Best Nightclubs in Kiev   2021

Beware, if a young attractive girl smiles at you it probably is not because she has a thing for 50 something fat balding men, but more likely that she is a Kiev lazy girl (prostitute) looking for free drinks and some additional income.

Caribbean Club Kiev

Caribbean Club


Do you like salsa; want to smoke a big fat Cuban cigar. Or maybe just admire the beautiful girls of Kiev shaking their body to the Latino rhythm.  Actually, this is a pretty good club. It is fun and it has a good atmosphere. Caribbean Club Is one of the oldest clubs in Kyiv. It was opened in 1988 but has recently had a makeover. Food was pretty good when we were there and prices are fairly reasonable. It is a well-known place for foreigners and girls attracted to foreigners. This is a great place to party until the early hours. Always a friendly crowd enjoying a positive atmosphere.  A good night out so thumbs up from us.

Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly


Coyote Ugly (or Ugly Coyote as locals call it) kind of crosses over between a bar and something else. It is the sort of place that will either have you smiling from ear to ear or sprinting quickly for the exit. There is nothing subtle about Coyote Ugly, it’s all about getting drunk, hot girls dancing on the bar and an atmosphere of sweat and testosterone.
Mostly a younger crowd in here and certainly very few tourists. But like most places in Kyiv the bar staff speak English and will be only too happy to share a round of drinks with you. Definitely not the sort of place you would take your girlfriend for a romantic drink. Open Wednesday - Sunday 10pm to 6am.

D Fleur

De Fleur

Advise to take Taxi

Formerly known as D Lux, now refreshed with a new make-over and lay out. Unfortunately, the night we visited (Thursday) was not very busy. The main dance area was closed and there were very few people. It used to be a really great place so maybe we landed on the wrong night. D Fleur will appeal to tourists who want to pick up some of Kiev's more materialistic girls. Drinks are expensive by Kiev standards.

Shooters Logo



Not big on the inside but big on atmosphere, fun and reasonable value for money. Shooters consists of 4 areas, Shooters dance Club, the terrace restaurant, a new Speakeasy bar in the basement and Limoncello for Karaoke. Every ​club in Kyiv has its own unique position. Shooters is no exception, but the big difference here is that whatever night you choose to go you are pretty much assured of a decent night.

Vodka Grill Bar

Vodka Grill Bar


If you want to venture out from the centre of Kiev (Kyiv) and you are looking for a locals place, then Vodka Grill Bar should be a serious consideration. It is situated on the left bank in the Darnitskiy region of Kyiv. By day a reasonably priced steak restaurant, by night a fun DJ dance club, Karaoke room and live music venue. It is spread over two levels, Karaoke takes place in a separate room. This is not a place where you will find many tourists, but packed with locals soaking up the fun. Very reasonable prices, on Friday's and Saturday's you will have to call ahead to book a table as it gets very busy. This is a fun alternative to the stage managed up-market clubs in the centre of Kiev. This is Kiev nightlife like the locals do it.

Sorry Babuska Logo
Sorry Babushka

Sorry Babushka

Suggest taking a taxi

Another locals club that attracts younger working - class Ukrainians in their 20's and 30's. It is a little bit out the way but if you are looking to experience life like the locals then you will enjoy it. Sorry Babushka is well established in Kiev, has 3 floors and has a capacity of about 1,300 people. Suggest not to bother going between Monday to Thursday, it's a big place and will only be half full. This place can be hit and miss, dirt cheap but can feel a little threatening if you are a tourist. Not much English spoken here so I would not bother going unless you have at least some basic Ukrainian. 

Saxon Club

Saxon Club


This is a locals club, you will not find too many tourists here. Reason being is that this is mainly a students nightclub and for local people. That in turn means that English is not widely spoken by the staff here so you may have to practice your miming skills.

Saxon club is quite a big place containing 2 dance floors, 3 bars, karaoke, and a summer terrace. often has guest D.J's  and special theme nights. There is a good atmosphere and the prices are very reasonable. Seems to be popular with Turkish guys for some reason.

Situated a short journey from the centre of Kiev (Kyiv). Will take you approximately 10 minutes from the Main Street Khreschatyk if travelling by car.

Can be a bit raucous sometimes so not for the faint hearted.

SkyBar Logo


Ploshcha La Tolstoho

Very tough to review this one! Skybar in Kiev (Kyiv) is aimed at the high end beautiful people with money. They operate very strict face control. You will not get in if you are in a large group, drunk or inappropriately dressed. It is a "poseur's" paradise, glamorous women want to get noticed and men who want to impress with money. Pretty decent once your inside but quite small. It is more like a lounge bar that a nightclub. But music is good and bar drinks are well prepared (albeit rather expensive).

Skybar is situated inside a large entertainment complex called Arena City which is opposite Besarabsky Market.