Zoloti Vorota

Prince Yaroslav the Wise & Golden Gate Kiev

Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota)

Zoloti Vorota, literally ‘Golden Gate’ in Ukrainian. It was the main historic gateway to the ancient city of Kiev. It was one of three defensive towers constructed by Yaraslav the Wise, Prince of Kiev, between 1017-1024.

The heavily fortified gate withstood many attacks from the Slavic hordes. It was only when Batu Khan’s Golden Horde stormed a less fortified gate in 1240, and partially destroyed the Golden Gate from within, that the city of Kiev was finally breeched.

In 1832 the ruins were excavated and a survey for their conservation was undertaken. During the 1970’s an adjacent pavilion was added to provide a museum to the history and construction of the gate and ancient Kiev. In 1982, to celebrate 1500th anniversary of Kiev, a large project was implemented to reconstruct the Golden Gate back to its former glory. What you see today is a remarkable and unique architectural reconstruction standing as an important icon in Kiev’s stormy history.

Go up to the viewing platform to see stunning views across Volodymyrs'ka and the surrounding area. Enter the small museum and climb to the top where you will see a small chapel. It is well hidden but nice view over the square.

To the west end face of the Golden Gate, Corner of Volodymyrs'ka and Prorizna Street, you will see a large bronze statue of Yaraslav the Wise.

Golden Gate in Kiev Ukraine