Trams & Buses in Kiev (Kyiv) 2021

Trams & Buses in Kyiv

Cheap reliable public transport in Kiev (Kyiv)

The backbone of Ukraine and the favoured method of transport for the locals. They are very cheap, frequent and an interesting way to experience everyday Ukrainian life. New buses have been added to the fleet but some of the older buses are often over-crowded and uncomfortable. You have two ways of purchasing a ticket. Single tickets can be purchased from street kiosks at bus stops, or alternatively buy tickets directly from the driver or conductor on-board. Don't forget to "punch" your ticket when you are on the bus or you may risk a fine.


Marshrutka in Kiev Ukraine


The small yellow and white mini-buses are the preferred means of transport for most locals. These privately owned buses cover a larger network than the municipal buses and are faster and more frequent. They can be stopped pretty much anywhere and often travel into residential areas.
Everything about a ride on a Marshrutka is unpredictable. There is no standard fare, and because they are privately owned, fares may differ slightly for the same journeys. This is not to say it will be expensive, typically you will pay approximately 4 UAH to 7.00 UAH. Payment is on-board only and the cost of the fare will be displayed inside the bus.
The real adventures start if you decide to take a Marshrutka at the height of rush-hour. Be prepared to fight your way onto the bus. If you manage to get on then the fun will really start. These buses typically are built to carry 15 persons. To a Ukrainian this means 15 people to a seat. To say Ukrainian bus drivers like to “pack them in” is an insult to sardines in a tin. It will be a bumpy uncomfortable ride, a journey you are unlikely to forget but also lots of fun.


Trolley Bus in Kiev Ukraine


Riding a Trolleybus in Kyiv invokes memories of a bygone era and is an almost romantic way of travelling. Trolleybuses in Kyiv are electric-driven buses that draw their power from overhead wires. Tickets can be purchased on-board or you can use the Kyiv Smart Card: One ticket for all Kyiv public transport

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