Ukrainian Restaurants in Kiev (Kyiv)

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The Best Ukrainian Food in Kiev (Kyiv)

Ukrainian cuisine derives from peasant dishes made up of plentiful grains and fresh organic vegetables grown in rich Ukrainian fertile soil. In recent years there has been a big leap in terms of creativity and service. Ukrainian food has become exceptionally good. You will be surprised by the high quality, great tasting dishes at incredibly good value for money.

Here you will find a selection of the Best Ukrainian Restaurants in Kiev (Kyiv).


If you order imported wine you will very likely be hit with an expensive bill. Tax on imported wines are high so it will likely cost you more than back home. Opt for a decent Georgian wine instead. You will be surprised by the quality and it will be a lot cheaper.

The Best Ukrainian Restaurants

Ostannya Barykarda


Address:   Maidan Nezalezhnosti 1​, Kyiv, Ukraine  
Ostannya Barykada Restaurant_Kyiv.jpg

Ostanya baricada translates to "The Last Barricade". It is situated at Maidan Nezalezhnosti opposite side of the road to the Monument of Independence. To gain access you will need to find the lift at street level and go up to the top floor. When you leave the lift you will appear to alight into a souvenir shop. Pass through the store and you will arrive at a wall with hands sticking out. You will be greeted by some English speaking staff who will ask you for a password and to find the secret lever to enter. I will not spoil the surprise for you but once inside you will be given a short history of Kyiv and eventually shown to your table. The food in here is superb, traditional Ukrainian food with a modern twist, tasty Ukrainian cheeses and hams. 

Chicken Kiev

+380 50 405 4055
Address:    M. Kyiv, Khreshchatyk street, 15/4

The restaurant Chicken Kiev is the brainchild of Dmytro Borysov, a cook and a brand-chef of a self-titled restaurant chain. His vision was to open restaurants that would showcase not only modern and classic Ukrainian dishes, but also European cuisine. The food is exceptional and created to a high level. Chicken Kiev is centrally located, menu also shown in euro's. The service is excellent and English is spoken. Make sure you book ahead, especially at weekends. A little bit on the pricey side for Kiev (Kyiv) but never-the-less an outstanding restaurant and one highly recommended.

Tsars'ke Selo

 Address: Lavrska St, 22, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Advised to take a Taxi
+380 44 288 9775

Good Ukrainian folk style restaurant serving tasty Ukrainian food. Possibly a little bit touristy but also frequented by locals which is always a good indication of the standard of food. Tsars'ke Selo restaurant is a little bit off the beaten track so might be best to take a taxi. It is located close to the Pechersk Lavra and The Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat). Might be a good idea to do lunch after visiting The Pechersk Lavra and the Motherland Monument. The interior is a recreation of a typical 17th-century house in a Ukrainian village, and waiters and waitresses are dressed in Ukrainian folk costume. In summary, the food is good but on the pricy side in comparison to most restaurants of it's type. Good service with English speaking staff. Basically this place is geared up for tourists but still feels very Ukrainian.

Barvy Restaurant & Bar

Address: Mechnikova Street 3 Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 (098) 306-33-33

BARVY is another great example of Kyiv's imaginative and interesting new restaurants. The open kitchen is modern Ukrainian cuisine of the highest standard. It is a place where art and gastronomy come together in harmony. This is a regular place of changing art exhibitions for contemporary Ukrainian artists and pioneers of Ukrainian culture. Breakfasts are creative and tasty, lunchtimes are the same but at night Barvy transforms itself into a pre-party venue. The coolest cocktails mixed by skilled mixologists, DJ set at weekends and an atmosphere to put you in the mood of good things to come. If you visit in the evening ask for Sasha, he makes some super cocktails. Highly recommended.

Pervak Restaurant

Rognedinskaya St., 2, Corner of Velyka Vasilkivska St Kiev 01004
Palats Sportu
+380 (044) 235 -09- 52
Pervak Restaurant

There are many diverse and extremely good restaurants in Kiev Kyiv). The Pervak restaurant has succeeded in creating the perfect restaurant for tourists and locals alike, yet has not sacrificed its Ukrainian identity. The exterior of the building is splendid, but behind the door beckons a restaurant full of surprises, smiling faces and tasty dishes. It consists of seven distinct dining areas decorated in its own unique style. The Pervak restaurant has been tastefully designed to give you the feeling of old Kiev from a bygone era. It is quirky and fun, full of interesting ornaments, pictures and curiosities. Very little to criticise but a lot to enjoy. Maybe a little more expensive than other restaurants in Kyiv but worth the extra.

Good service with a smile and English speaking staff.

Restaurant Kureni 

Address:       Parkova Rd, 4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01021
+380 44 253 1724


Advised to take Taxi

Off the beaten track and hidden away and another another great restaurant worth seeking out. This is a super place to eat during the warmer months. The restaurant Kureni sits on a hill overlooking the islands on the river Dnipro. The restaurant takes its name from the word "Kurin", meaning a traditional elongated Cossacks house. This is a restaurant that makes you feel you are out of the city when actually you are just a ten minute taxi ride to the very centre. It is a restaurant popular with Ukrainian's and a great place to bring families and large parties.


Address: 16 Volodymyrska Street, Kiev 01601
Poshtova Ploscha

Inexpensive and excellent food. If you wish to explore  Ukrainian cuisine with a twist, Spotykach will not disappoint. The restaurant has several themed rooms, each  reminiscent of 1960's Soviet Union. It could have turned out to be a "gimmicky" tourist restaurant, but it isn't. The service is excellent and extremely good fun. The menu is in English, so deciding what to order shouldn't be a problem. It is situated in the centre of Kyiv but set back away from the street so an oasis of calm in an ideal location. In the summer there is a small terrace with plenty of seating. The menu is extremely creative, Spotykach is a very tongue-in-cheek play on Ukrainian/Soviet history. Try the Borsch, followed by Chicken Kiev. For sure try the "Ukrainian drug" salo ( Ukrainian delicacy) with some dark bread and of course, vodka. For dessert try the famous Kyiv cake. In fact try everything, it is all delicious..

Khutorets on the Dnieper

Address: Naberezhno-Khreshachatyts'ka St, 10А, Kyiv, Ukraine
Advised to take a Taxi
+380 44 499 3959

A little bit different and a little bit special. Khutorets is slightly off the beaten-track located on a boat on the river Dnipro. As such it is not over crowded with tourists but is also enjoyed by the locals. It is a place where you can enjoy excellent tasty and authentic Ukrainian food. The service is outstanding and the ambience is cosy and comfortable.Prices are considered high by Ukrainian standards, but if you are coming from western countries, you will find it excellent value. A meal with wine will set you back about 30 euros. Stick to local wines as imported wine is expensive. Try the Ukrainian red from Odessa, went down very well for me and excellent value.

Most staff speak English and are keen to help.

Ukrainian food and hospitality at it's best.

Ostannya Barykada